Beginner’s Kitesurfing Package

This package is for the spending of holidays in Mauritius for the sole purpose of learning how to kitesurf. No need to move, the lessons are at your doorstep.

Included in the package

– Seven night’s accommodation at “La Colombiere kitesurfing residence“. (Book Accommodation only)
– A Full beginner kite-surfing course with Kite2Fly Mauritius.
– Two way airport transfer.
– Assistance on call during your stay.

Details of the Accommodation
In order to fit the duration of the kiteboarding lessons, we propose a seven nights’ accommodation in a self-catering balcony studio at “La Colombiere kitesurfing residence” on the East coast of Mauritius. Rates include accommodation and taxes only; meals can be organised on the spot.

La Colombiere kitesurfing residence

Kite2Fly Mauritius

Details of the Kite surfing courses

A Full beginner kite-surfing course with Kite2Fly Mauritius whose base of operation is precisely at La Colombiere. The beginners’ course totals 8 hours of tuition spread on 3 to 5 days depending on whether conditions. The instructors of Kite2Fly Mauritius are I.K.O. Certified.

Note: The beginner course must be booked in advance and will a grouped lesson.

Regions: East

Recommended length of stay: 7 nights. If you believe you will not have the occasion to kite soon after these holidays in Mauritius, we strongly recommend staying at least 10 nights and opt for a 3 day equipment rental in order to confirm your apprenticeship.


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