Exclusive Kitesurfing Beginner’s Package

This package is for the spending of holidays in Mauritius for the sole purpose of learning how to kitesurf.

Contrarily to other beginners’ packages, The Exclusive Kitesurfing Beginner’s Package proposes luxury accommodation in hotels situated near Kitesurfing spots and schools and lessons are not in groups but on an exclusive basis.

Included in the package
– Seven night’s accommodation on half-board at the “Belle Mare Plage Hotel“, (Book Belle Mare Plage Hotel only)
– A Full beginner kite-surfing course offered by Kite2Fly Mauritius
– Exclusive 2 way airport transfer in a luxury car
– Assistance on call during your stay.

Details of the Accommodation
The “Belle Mare Plage Hotel” is renowned for its Golf courses, its Spa, its beautiful architecture and the refinement of its service. However, the hotel has another valuable asset, its bright white beach situated on the East coast of Mauritius where Kitesurfing conditions are ideal, especially between June and December. Accommodation proposed is in Prestige rooms and include half-board.

Belle Mare Plage Hotel

Details of the Kiteboarding Courses
A Full beginner kite-surfing course by Kite2Fly Mauritius located in the vicinity of the hotel. The kitesurf instructor would collect and drop you everyday in a speed boat, for a 5 minutes transfer to the kitesurf centre.

The full course requires a total of 12 hours of tuition spread over 3 to 5 days depending on whether conditions.

The instructors of Kite2Fly Mauritius are I.K.O. Certified.

Kite2Fly Mauritius

Kite2Fly Mauritius

Other Hotel Proposed
The “Prince Maurice Hotel” is in the same lagoon as the Belle Mare Plage Hotel and opposite to the Kite Surfing school. It is one of the finest 5 star resorts of Mauritius whose architecture is simply unique, offering the right mix of luxury and authenticity. (Book
Le Prince Maurice Hotel only

Note: The exclusive beginner course must be booked in advance.
Regions: East.
Recommended length of stay: 7 nights. If you believe you will not have the occasion to kite soon after these holidays in Mauritius, we strongly recommend staying at least 10 nights and opt for a 3 day equipment rental in order to confirm your apprenticeship.


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