Kiting Around Mauritius Package

This package allows confirmed kite surfers to ride around Mauritius. For groups of 2 to 8 kite surfers, our coach will take you to great spots which may not always be accessible to those who do not have the coastline of Mauritius at their finger-tips.

The package consists of five downwind trips or straight crossings in the different lagoons of Mauritius as mentioned below unless conditions allow the discovery of more secret spots. The 5 trips are to be carried out over a period of 14 days, leaving the possibility to choose the best suitable solutions for each trip. Riders will be informed about the spot of the day around 8.30 am and transport is arranged accordingly in order to be at the starting spot at lunchtime latest.

The most probable downwind trips are as follows:

Ride 1. Side / Downwind trip from Blue Bay to Ile aux Cerfs in a wonderful crystal-clear lagoon.
Region: East & South-East coasts
Duration: Full Day
Distance: 10 nautical miles.
Minimum age requirement: 18 yrs

Locate Blue Bay on Google Earth ; Locate Blue Bay on Map

Locate Ile aux Cerfs on Google Earth ; Locate Ile aux Cerfs on Map

shandrani - kitesurfing spot in mauritius

Ride 2. Downwind from Palmar to Poste La Fayette
Region: East coast
Duration: Half Day
Distance: 5 nautical miles.
Minimum age requirement: 18 yrs

Locate Palmar on Google Earth ; Locate Palmar on Map

Locate Poste Lafayette on Google Earth ; Locate Poste Lafayette on Map

kitesurfing mauritius east

Ride 3. From “Roches Noires” to “Anse-La-Raie” or Cap Malheureux
Region: East and North coasts
Duration: Half Day
Distance: 11 nautical miles.
Minimum age requirement: 18 yrs

Locate Roches Noires on Google Earth ; Locate Roches Noires on Map

Ride 4. From Baie du Cap / La Prairie to “Le Morne”
Region: South & South-West coasts
Duration: Half Day
Distance: 7 nautical miles.
Minimum age requirement: 18 yrs

Locate Bel Ombre on Google Earth ; Locate Bel Ombre on Map

Locate Le Morne on Google Earth ; Locate Le Morne on Map

La Prairie kitesurfing spot

Ride 5. Kite Session at “Le Morne”
This spot being now in the most famous ones worldwide, it becomes a must to ride there at least once while in Mauritius.

Region: South-West coast
Duration: Half Day
Minimum age requirement: 18 yrs

Locate Le Morne on Google Earth ; Locate Le Morne on Map

Other services included in the package
– Inland transfers to and from the excursions meeting points
– Airport transfers
– Drinks and lunch is included during the Full-Day trip.

Le Morne

Suggested Accommodations
Self-Catering accommodation: “La Colombiere Kitesurfing Residence“, Poste Lafayette, East coast,
2 Star hotels: Le Tropical, Trou d’Eau Douce, East coast,
3 Star Hotels: Paul & Virginie, Grand Gaube, North coast,
4 Star hotels:
Les Pavillons
Le Morne, West coast,
Legends Hotel Grand Gaube, North coast,
Le Preskil Beach Resort, Mahebourg, South-East coast,
5 Star hotels:
Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa, Le Morne, South-West coast,
Le Shandrani Hotel, South-East coast.

General information about our active holiday packages

Our definition of luxury

As space and time are getting further squeezed in our everyday life, holidays are the right occasion to stand away from crowds, enjoy maximum space, appreciate the flexibility of time and escape from pre-set menus and programs.

Unless otherwise specified, all excursions and related services are on an exclusive basis (i.e. not in groups) in order to allow you to enjoy a maximum of flexibility and independence.

Our selection of excursions and activities
The excursions proposed are, to our knowledge, the most interesting, the most exciting, the most thrilling among all those proposed by the different excursionists of Mauritius.

We have selected and combined them with a fairly precise theme or clients’ profile in mind and have endeavoured in making them most convenient and suitable. These combinations are however meant only to simplify the process of selecting the most appropriate excursions. We would therefore be pleased to customise these packages according to your specific preferences and choices; they could, for instance, contain a mix of activities such as mountain climbing and kayaking or mountain biking.

Feel free to ask us for a customised program !

Note: Our excursions packages are proposed solely to those having booked accommodations through us.


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